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Create email and social network accounts. The internet is taking a great part of our lives and we need to create a bunch of accounts. Email servers and social media are the first platforms that we will probably want to have, but it’s not always simple to guess how to do that. If that’s your case, don’t worry! You’re in the right place. Here we will explain you how to create an account on the most famous sites on the web.

create an account

The first step: check out our list of sites so you can choose which ones you need. Then, you can click on every link to see a little tutorial that will explain how to create that specific account. And again, don’t worry, we promise you it will be easy, simple and fast!

Create an account for emails

Email servers are one of the most useful and needed tools on the whole Internet. Why? Well, you can get done so many things like sending that important paperwork to your boss or your teacher; receiving updates on your bank account; receiving updates on that purchase you made a few days ago; confirming your email address so you can sign up in a site, forum or blog; getting in touch with family and friends, and so much more.

Some Email Tutorials

There are a lot of email servers but without any doubt the popular ones and most used are Hotmail (now called Outlook), Gmail, Yahoo! And AOL. You can check the links below to this servers and follow the steps to create an account.

Create an account for social media

Social media or social networks are the most popular places on the Internet. Depends on what platform it is, but the fact that you can share your information, get in touch with family and friends, get to know other people and have all the news on your feed are just a few things why people spend so much time in this platforms.

Some Social Media Tutorials

On this case, without any doubts we can say that the most popular ones are Facebook and Instagram. Actually, these two are connected because Facebook bought Instagram. So if you create an account on Facebook you can later sign up easily on Instagram by using your Facebook account.

Either way, you can check out both links down below. We also add a Badoo link too! Click on there and then you will see a simple and fast tutorial for every platform.

Create an account
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